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Whether you call ahead to schedule an appointment, or just stop in.  Seth Petersen or Roger Thompson is always happy to help you find your new home!


Address:  4733 N. Cliff Ave. - just south of I-90 (1/2 block south of McDonalds)

Phone:  605-336-3276



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We also offer factory direct multi-unit pricing; residential or commercial.  We're hard to beat...and we can deliver and set up!

Let Iseman Homes build YOUR next modular or HUD manufactured home...the way YOU want it.  Our South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa locations, including Sioux Falls, Pierre, Rapid City, Dickinson, Minot, Williston, Helena, Gillette, Brainerd, Chillicothe, Kearney, Sioux City serve rural and metro areas equally; we're here and ready to serve you.  Owned by an employee group, Iseman Homes is a Midwest company proud of its roots dating back to 1920! 

Iseman Homes is one of the nation’s leaders in manufactured home sales with offices in seven states. Founded in 1920, Iseman was an industry pioneer in bringing the benefits of manufactured homes to market. 

We proudly offer homes from multiple U.S. manufacturers including Champion, Clayton, Highland, Hart, Redman and Crest so the choices are many.  We can provide answers and assistance to navigate the sometimes complex but oh-so-rewarding process of building your next home.  Whether your needs are modest, or you are seeking the most up-to-date deluxe home, Iseman Homes can provide the assistance you need to make your home buying experience pleasurable and hassle-free.

So from the carpet on the floors to the shingles on the roof, the door to your house or the kitchen counters, we offer you the choices to make your home the way YOU want it.  We'll ease the process of special ordering a home built, delivered and setup for you.   So please, let us help you to stop dreaming and start living. 

Who knows??  Our multiple branches serve a 10-state area in rural and urban areas of the upper Midwest (and parts of Canada).  We might have just the home you are looking for already in stock!  Take a moment to look at the "Locations-Inventory" selection (left of here) to see what we have available. 

Iseman Homes, an industry leader since 1920 providing  value, service, stability and quality.  For more information click on the sales location nearest you!

*Information, plans, prices, year, make, model, photos, availability and any other information on this site is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed free of errors or timeliness. 

Current Listings (Click image to see more details):

  Make/Model Bd Bath SqFt Width Length
Northstar Systembuilt / Roanoke 3 2.5 1904 42 56
22-1485-2-Northstar Systembuilt-
Redman / New Moon 3276-301 4 2.0 2184 32 72
22-704420-5 32x72 Redman New Moon 3276-301
Hart / American Loft 5628-560 3 2.0 1512 28 56
Sioux Falls - 22-7543 Hart American Loft 5628-6-560
Highland / RVH 1666-1 3 2.0 1012 16 66
Sioux Falls - 22-2780 Highland RVH 1666-1
Highland Manufacturing / 3264-3A 3 2.0 0 32 64
22-TBD-3 Highland Heritage IRC Mod 3264-3A
Clayton / 700 3 2.0 1012 16 66
Sioux Falls - 22-101853 Clayton 700
Highland / Catena 3 2.0 1493 28 56
Sioux Falls - 22-2635-7 28x56 Highland Catena CTN-20
Clayton / Buchanan IRC 5628-9037 3 2.0 1512 28 56
22-380182-10 28x60 Clayton Buchanan IRC 5628-9037
Highland / Prairie View 3256 3 2.0 1680 32 56
22-TBD-15 32x60 Highland Prairie View 3256
Clayton / Ward 6828-9006-1 4 2.0 1836 28 68
22-379389-25 28x72 Clayton Ward 6828-9006-1
Athens / Park Model 522 1 1.0 396 16 36
22-324145-32 16x36 Athens Park Model 522
Clayton / Traditions 7616-8814 3 2.0 1166 16 76
22-379924-33 16x80 Clayton Traditions 7616-8814
Athens / Park Model 529 1 1.0 391 12 44
22-TBD-35 12x44 Athens Park Model 529
Hart / American Farmstead 3 2.0 1165 16 76
22-2101265-38-American Farmstead
Champion / Sonic 3 2.0 1140 16 76
22-806660-47 Champion Sonic
Redman / Foundation 1680-9 3 2.0 1140 16 76
22-600456-52 16x80 Redman Foundation 1680-9
Hart / Pulse 6616-711 3 2.0 1012 16 66
22-105614-55 16x70 Hart Pulse 6616-711

Business Hours

Monday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Tues - Thurs 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Iseman Homes has many locations to serve you.

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Iseman Homes is one of the nation’s leaders in manufactured home sales with offices in seven states. Founded in 1920, Iseman was an industry pioneer in bringing the benefits of manufactured homes to market. For more information please navigate to your nearest Iseman Sales Center, or email us now!


Whether you are just starting, or looking for a change, joining the Iseman family might be for you.  Job opportunities exist for both SALES or SERVICE.  Click here to send information and resume'